Frillion  ||  Artwork - Artist Logo & Time's Repose
Mirushi San (@mirushisan) ||  Artwork - Luminous Revolution (Simoun), Psalm of the Fireflies
Cielo Cambay || Video Production - Luminous Revolution (Simoun)
Solmon || Vocals & Songwriting - Ever Changing
Oasis Projects || Actor & Video Production - Ever Changing
haiyun || Original Character Art
cuddlae || Artwork - Pristine Pearl (Maria Clara)

Gear & Software


Violin | Red Spruce Wood (Full Size) with Ebony Fittings. Unbranded Model from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
MIDI Keyboard  |  Korg microKEY Air 49
Microphone  |  ATR2500 USB Condenser Microphone


Audio Production

Video Production
Hitfilm Express

BBC Symphony Orchestra Core by Spitfire Audio  
Emotional Cello by Best Service

Stretch Goal Roadmap:
Cinematic Studio Series by Cinematic Studios

Choir & Vocals:
Oceania II by Performance Samples
Atelier Series: Amy by Musical Sampling
The New Studio Sopranos by 8Dio
Genesis Children's Choir by AudioBro
Realivox Blue by Realitone

Piano & Organ:
CinePiano by Cinesamples
Lakeside Pipe Organ by Soundiron 
Firewood Piano by Spitfire Audio 

Ocarina (Ventus Ethnic Winds) by Impact Sound Works 

Guitar & Bass:
Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar by Ample Sound  
Gibson Les Paul (1958 Reissue) Electric Guitar by Ample Sound
Fender Precision Bass (ABP Lite) Ample Sound

Drum & Percussion Kits
Ample Percussion Cloudrum by Ample Sound
Drum Pro by Studio Linked
Arbos by Orchestral Tools

Labs by Spitfire Audio
Mini by 8Dio
Komplete Start by Native Instruments
Helm by Matt Tytel,

Effects, Mix & Mastering
Ozone 9 by Izotope
Vinyl by Izotope