It's been exactly a month since mom passed away. I miss her a lot. This was originally re-made from my old song as a musical accompaniment during her wake.

I decided to keep it here for her honor and memory.

Thank you mom for your endless love and support. Aside from being an incredible cook, caretaker, teacher, and counselor, you make a great best friend, and mom.

I'll continue to celebrate your life and find joy in embodying your values exactly how I have witnessed the 26 years of being under the care of a strong, beautiful, kind, intelligent, graceful, mighty, and loving woman. I'm always proud to be your carbon copy male version and your living legacy for the rest of my life.

I'll continue to play and write songs just like you've always asked me to. I hope and pray they can all reach you.

I love you always! Enjoy the everlasting Love of the Lord in His Kingdom.

Composed, Arranged and Mixed by Gian Carlo Mangua